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Thank you 411 Tactical and Mike Lameyer

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— A very Accurate Rifle —

–2015 Florida F Class Open Master Class Championship– 

Not only does this rifle shoots the lights out but with NO mechanical problems!

This win is a result of a year of hard work following delivery of a fine 6.5×47 Lapua rifle that Mike Lameyer at 411 Tactical built for me.

I had not shot NRA competition for 40 years. This time I chose NRA F Class Open, which puts a premium on rifle accuracy. The rules favor technical superiority.

In addition to creating this fine rifle, Mike at 411 Tactical was wonderfully generous with his suggestions involving hand loads, shooting technique and training methods.

Mike brings to the shooting community a huge array of experience as a precise and creative rifle builder. A serious competitor and with significant military experience, Mike’s suggestions and encouragement were nothing short of priceless. The suggestions Mike shared with me are hard won tidbits that come from a lifetime of shooting, rifle building and military experience. I deeply appreciate all of this. Thank you Mike for all this.

In many respects, this award should go to Mike Lameyer. Without his help, this could never have been possible.

My sincere gratitude,




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