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This Thing Shoots!!!

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Last November, Mike build me a custom in 6.5×47 Lapua with a Sitron 8-32 scope and Shilen select match heavy barrel based on a Savage custom action. WOW. It’s now not unusual for me to shoot one-hole 3 and 4 shot groups at one hundred yards. I’ve included some photos since nobody seems to believe me. The caliper indicates .375″, not bad when you consider that hole represents three .264” dia bullets. The larger group is about 2 ½ inches at 500 yards, that’s half MOA in a light wind.

Last month I shot my first NRA match in 40 years at Port Malabar, Class F Open at 600 yards. During the second string of 20 shots, I shot straight 10’s or X’s for the first 7 shots until my concentration slipped. That’s a six inch Ten ring at 600 yards prone. You can’t shoot one MOA in the wind if your rifle can’t shoot. Mine

Yes it’s taken a lot of work as it’s been a long time since I shot rifle seriously.  Mike has provided some hand load, maintenance, technique and training suggestions which have proven invaluable. Thank you Mike for all of that. It’s very satisfying and certainly confidence building when you have complete confidence in your rifle as you step up to the firing line in a match surrounded by some of the best shooters in the state armed with equipment that had to cost several times what my system did. Mike is on to something with how he builds his rifles.

Well done Mike !!!

2 berger 3shot2 caliper-301


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