I was turned to this company after a friend purchase the exact rifle that is pictured on the home screen of this website and came by to show me it. I honestly can say I been love struck after working the action and feeling it out on the range and by December I’ll be purchasing one of my own, but most importantly the quality for the price is second to none, for a rifle like this you’ll spend three times as much to find a precision rifle made by anyone else. The owner is very talented after seeing the quality of his work and talking with him a past show.

Mike Past

The most amazing rifle i have EVER owned. Mike is a skilled and knowledgable gun builder. I am not seasoned and experienced shooter. I first bought a .308 custom built rifle from Mike and within just a couple outings i was shooting 3 to 5 inch patterns at 100 and 200 yards. Inloved the 308 so much i had Mike build me a 6.5 x 47 Lapua. On the second time i shot this rifle at 200 yds yesterday (3-8-2015) at the Palm Beach County s rifle range i shot 5 shots in a pattern that was in or around and touching a “dime”. These rifles have to be the best in the world! Mike is going places! Lastly he has been very patient with me in teaching me how to precision target shoot. As an NRA certified instructer he is the best!
MVW. Jupiter,FL

Mark Wohlschlegel

The rifle is a one of a kind, beautifully built and finished with both aesthetic and functional qualities. The scope is proven and was sighted in on delivery and very easy to adjust. The attention to detail was impressive and value for money unsurpassed. I am actually hoping not too many get sold because I love the fact that it’s a one of a kind that draws attention and comment where ever I take it. Mike did a very fine job on this creation.

Henry Biddulph