411 tactical


Concealed Carry One-on-One Training

If you want to get licensed to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection, you must learn to do so responsibly. Knowing how to safely handle and carry a handgun on your person and using a handgun for protection prior to the arrival of law enforcement requires advanced firearm training.

Through realistic training scenarios and live fire shooting qualifications, we prepare law-abiding citizens to survive an unavoidable violent attack.

You will learn:

    • Failure-to-stop drills.
    • Instinctive and aimed shooting.
    • Shoot/No shoot decision making.
    • Tactical alertness and attack prediction
    • Concealment and rapid firearm deployment
    • Immediate threat concepts and target isolation
    • Legal aspects of self-defense and firearm laws

Tactical Pistol

    • If you are concerned about personal safety, you must be trained to face a sudden close-quarter attack.  When split seconds separate life from death, your survival depends on a quick and decisive response. Our Tactical Pistol course teaches how to respond quickly and accurately against armed assailants while maximizing available protection.
    • You will learn.
    • Selective shooting
    • Shooting in motion
    • Failure to stop drills
    • Moving targets acquisition
    • Weapons transition & retention
    • Shoot/No shoot decision making.
    • Tactical reload and stoppage drills.
    • Instinctive aim and rapid target acquisition
    • Ambidextrous shooting and one-hand reloading
    • Less than ideal and disadvantaged positions shooting